The Austrian team consists of board members of "People together", an Austrian non profit organization.
Agro-Plantation-Site is the first environmental project that has been supported by "People together" as as their primary focus is usually on school buildings in Africa. In February 2015 the board members visited the project on-site and were deeply impressed by what has been achieved so far. The highlight was a tree planting ceremony which was an exciting and moving experience for the Austrian delegation.

Christian Kirchmair

Founding and board member of "people together". He leads and organizes international aid projects. He has, for instance, brought to completion more than ten school building projects, most of which are in Africa. He is also works as vision quest guide, mainly for young people in Austria.

Donatella Magliani

Board member of "people together" and "Alpine Peace Crossing" (NPO for refugee aid). She has worked for many years for the UN in development cooperation and is now endeavoring to support people on a private, non-profit level. She is the Austrian head of the Lalibela project.

Katharina Geyer

Chairwoman and project leader of "people together", volunteering in social projects in Vienna, especially care for the elderly.
Her regular occupation as web designer also includes donating her services freely to non-profit sites such as this one you are currently reading ;-)