There are many ways to support our project:

  • The most exciting experience would certainly be for those who visit Lalibela on their holidays.
    Destaw Arage, project manager of Agro-Plantation-Site, as well as other local tourist guides will be pleased to show you the nursery and let you plant your own tree. Take the opportunity to learn more about environmental and social issues in Ethiopia!
  • If you are not lucky enough to stay in Lalibela you have also the possibility to support our reforestation program by donating.
  • And for the most adventurous among you: you are very welcome to come and stay with us for a while and to help us practically on-site.


Even small amounts help to plant more trees!
Contribute and dedicate your own tree(s)
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Tourist visits

Tourists are very welcome to visit our site and to plant their own tree!
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Helping hands are always appreciated!
There are many ways to do it - find out more:
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