Package of € 10

€ 10 will enable the planting of 6 trees

Package of € 20

€ 20 will enable the planting of 12 trees

Package of € 40

€ 40 will enable the planting of 24 trees

Support the project!

Agro-Plantation-Site needs your financial support to be well maintained and to expand. Our vision is to plant to plant 3-4 million seedlings within five years - this is an ambitious goal, but we are quite confident that we can reach it with your support.
Every monetary contribution is very much appreciated - regardless of the size of the amount.
Basically we suggest the packages on the left as an example but you are free to choose whatever amount you are willing to donate ;-)
The more donations, the more we can work on the expansion of the reforested area.

Bank transfer

Please choose one of the following possibilities to transfer your donation.

Agro-Plantation Ethiopia

  • Name: Destaw Esayas and friends Agro Plantation Project
  • Account no: 2161111202453019
  • Abay Bank S.C, Lalibela branch
  • Swift: ABAYETAA
Choose this option if you want to send your donation directly to the Ethiopian account of Agro-Plantation-Site.

People together Austria

  • Vereinskonto: Erste Bank
  • Empfänger: people-together
  • IBAN: AT912011140410319000
Choose this option if you prefer to send the money to the Austrian cooperation partner "People together" who will immediately forward it to their Ethiopian partner.