Environmental goals

Ethiopian team members have a clear vision of what they would like to achieve.
Having planted 6.000 trees so far the final goal is to plant 3-4 million seedlings within a five-year plan.
Thus the currently degraded soils should recover and become fertile again. Erosion will be stopped and water storage will be provided again through the newly planted tree roots.
Animals will return as they will find their natural habitat again.

Social and economic goals

applesBesides these ecological effects both social and economic goals are targeted as well.
Some modest income should be achieved for local farmers by selling fruits on the market that they have collected from the trees. Fruit can also be processed into products like jam or chutney for sale to nearby hotels and shops. The final vision is to turn Lalibela in a centre of olive production, where olive oil should be produced independently.

Global responsibility

These ambitious objectives can only be realized with the help of tourists and other supporters in order to maintain the nursery in a proper way.
Hence Agro-Plantation-Site is to be seen as a global project wherein eco-tourism and local, grass roots initiatives will join forces and combine their power to make a real and sustainable difference.
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